Sound Help, Please

  bb2009 09:02 18 Jun 2009

Hello, I recently tried to connect the optical spdif from my Nvidia 9800 gx2 graphics card to the SPDIF pins on my Asus P5N-D motherboard so I could get sound via my HDMI cable.

It did not work.

I was advised that my mobo was not able or compatible to do this and that I would need to purchase a sound card.

I purchased a Creative X-FI Gaming sound card. I should have done some research as I found out that this was not compatible with the optical spdif connector from my 9800 gx2. The card does not have an spdif 2 pin connector.

So, can anyone recommend a sound card that will connect to a 9800 gx2 via optical spdif so I can listen to sound from my PC via my HDMI cable? At the moment I was using speakers.

I would appreciate any replies.

Many thanks


  Jim_F 10:42 18 Jun 2009

According to the manual your mobo supports wired and optical SPDIF so one should work.

The wired is the RCA type connector, using coax cable.

The optical is an slightly irregular round-is socket which is usually blanked off by a removeable, square-shaped plastic post.

If the gfx card has an optical SPDIF then you'd need an optical cable (also knowns as Toslink) and this should plug right in.

I found some pictures that might help
click here - in fig 10 the plastic posts just pull out to expose the connector - I think the equivalent on your mobo is underneath the printer port.

I hope this helps :)

  bb2009 13:10 18 Jun 2009

Thank you Jim_F

I have a an optical input on the outside of the PC. Close to where the keyboard and mouse connect to.

Do you mean that I connect the Toslink from the graphics card and thread it outside the box and connect it into the optical input on the side of my PC?

I cannot use coax as the graphics card only supports a toslink. And I need all sound to via the HDMI cable which connected to the graphics card.

  Jim_F 21:18 18 Jun 2009

I think you can route your mobo's optical spdif out to your entertainment system with this connection but as I read the spec the SPDIF ports on the mobo are outputs not inputs.

So you should be able to achieve HD digital playback from the computer - is this what you are after ?

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