sound of hdd

  WaiKent 20:37 08 Nov 2003

hi i was just wondering, with my old pc my hdd never made a noise at all. and now i have a new powerful one, it keeps making a constant weird noise and i wonder if it is normal. are there any wavs out there i can download to hear a healthy hdd. lol.

  graham√ 20:41 08 Nov 2003

Sure it's not a fan?

  WaiKent 20:43 08 Nov 2003

nah its like a noise i always hear but never on my old pc. on someone elses pc i hear that noise. its like a slight grinding noise, but it kinda sounds healthy. i may be mad.

  flecc 20:52 08 Nov 2003

Slight grinding sound could well be the hard drive sound, but does the sound coincide with the red hard drive light being on? That should pin down whether it's that or not.

If it's really continuous, all the time the computer is on, it needs further investigation unless you are using GoBack which makes the hard drive word hard.

  WaiKent 20:58 08 Nov 2003

cani get more info on goback please. and it does coincide with the hdd led, it flashes along with the sound.

  graham√ 21:01 08 Nov 2003

May be a job for Black Viper. Mine used to do here

  WaiKent 21:07 08 Nov 2003

hm.. your link doesnt seem to work.

  WaiKent 21:08 08 Nov 2003

o sorry it works now for some reason

  flecc 00:00 09 Nov 2003

use this link Waikent to see my last posting re. GoBack:-

click here

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