Sound gone no obvious reason

  Phrixos 11:13 21 Sep 2013

Windows 7x32;Asus P5E; Intel Q6600 CPU; 4GbRam; Radeon 6870 Accelerator; experienced (my fifth self-built system).

Just installed a new graphics card. All went well with that; but, oddly, there is now no sound. Speakers are plugged in correctly (on; volume is up & not muted). Device Manager reports all is well. (Just to be sure I reinstalled all [four] audio drivers. Windows troubleshooter finds nothing. The only thing I can think of is that I somehow damaged the cable/plug during the upset, but this is unlikely. So, before I go out and waste money on new speakers I thought to ask if anyone can think of anything I might have overlooked.

  rdave13 11:28 21 Sep 2013

Check in playback devices that the speakers are set to default.

  bumpkin 12:15 21 Sep 2013

I doubt if it is the speakers, can you test the on something else.

  bumpkin 12:16 21 Sep 2013

I doubt if it is the speakers, can you test them on something else.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 21 Sep 2013

Fist try a set of headphones in the speaker socket

try changing the default sound system to something else test then change it back to your sound card then retest.

  Phrixos 16:33 21 Sep 2013

Turns out there is a fault in the speaker lead, in the usual place where these things occur, right where the lead meets the jack on the speaker feed. Thanks, everyone, for your input.

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