Sound goes in and out and dwindles to nothing

  William Carey 00:18 24 May 2017

Just purchased a refurbished 2016 HP Pavilion, which had to travel from the USA to the Dominican Republic to get to me. One problem when it arrived, albeit a big one: during any application, the sound dwindles to nothing. I actually recorded a live video on the computer, posted it on my face book, then went on my facebook from another computer, called up the video, and the sound was all messed up! I did this to rule out a loose speaker wire or something. The reason I thought it was a loose speaker wire was that, when I am listening to something and move the computer volume slider, I get a crackling sound. This really sucks. Can someone please identify the problem for me?

  MJS WARLORD 18:57 24 May 2017

are you confident enough to open up the pc and blow it out with something called an air duster .... canned air , if you do this make sure you keep the can vertical or the propellant will squirt out.Also just like a hi fi set up if you dont move the controls the soldered tracks go dry or get a coating of dust so when you do move them you can get the problems you describe. might not be the right answer but work a try.

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