sound files

  stutrav 07:29 06 Jul 2003

I need to record a sound file to send a message to my daughter on cd living abroad

Im running windows xp home

whats the best software to use

  powerless 07:32 06 Jul 2003

Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Entertainment\Sound Recorder

Works just fine.

  Tazfan 09:26 06 Jul 2003

fine, but limited to (I believe) 60 seconds. If you have a Creative Sound card, and installed the software, you will have Creative Sound Recirder, which will give you unlimited recording. I am sure there is other software as well, and you will be told about it on here no doubt.

  Simsy 07:04 07 Jul 2003

that if your daughter is to hear the message by playing the CD on an audio CD player, (as opposed to using a PC), then the disc will have to be made as an "Audio" CD, not a "DATA" CD.

I hope this makes sense!



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