sound file to text

  wildrover 17:14 06 Sep 2004

There was a discussion about this a long time ago but I can't find it now. Anyway, does anyone know of any software that will convert a sound file to text. I'm looking for something that will speed up transcription. At the moment I play the sound file into earphones and speak into a mike to convert to text - but its oh-so-slow. So what i am looking for is software to convert wav or mp3 or whatever into text.

  Dan the Confused 20:02 06 Sep 2004

This sort of thing? click here

  wildrover 09:46 07 Sep 2004

The part of the programme I need, is this the wizard: "the program's wizard enables you to convert your Windows Audio WAV files (speech recorded) offline".

I am asking a lot of the software because what I need to do is to convert wav files of different people's speech to text. This looks like the most promising option I have seen, so i will give it a try.

Thanks a lot Dan the (obviously not so) Confused!!!!

By the way, If anyone knows of any other, similar programmes, please let me know!

  Confab 12:08 07 Sep 2004

try this
click here

  wildrover 12:52 07 Sep 2004

Confab thanks - I've looked at that but don't think it does what I want. I can convert speeh to text OK with the software I've got. I want to convert digital sound files to text. I can't see that your click here can do that.

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