Sound Drivers disappearing

  sat481 06:46 11 Oct 2004

Hi all

My father has a problem on his computer. He has windows XP installed. He used to have onboard sound but started to have problems with it, so when I build a new computer I sent him the old sound card. He installed it and great he had sound. But when he switches the computer off the sound just vanishes and he has to install the drivers all over again. I live a few hundred miles away so its all telephone help with him. I tried turning restore off, installing the drivers, but still the same. I have told him to move the sound card to a free PCI, but still the same. Any ideas people?????

Thanks Sat

  Diodorus Siculus 06:54 11 Oct 2004

Has the onboard sound been disabled via the BIOS? If not, that could be causing a conflict.

  sat481 23:46 12 Oct 2004

When I sent him the sound card I included instructions on how to disable the onboard sound. Talking to him tonite and it seems that the menu for onboard PCI devices doesn't exist in his BIOS. I thought it strange so talked him thorugh it again and low and behold... No menu for onboard PCI devices.. He only disabled them in windows, could this make the BIOS menu dissapear???


  Dan the Confused 00:14 13 Oct 2004

Windows can't change CMOS BIOS Setup menus. Do you know what version of BIOS it is? There should be an option for disabling onboard audio somewhere. On mine, it comes under the 'PNP & PCI Setup' heading.

  sat481 11:45 13 Oct 2004

I know you can;t change the BIOS from windows. I got him into BIOS the proper way and went through ever menu with him, with no sign off Audio devices!!!!

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