Sound drivers

  DannyChiz 22:37 12 Jul 2008

My sound has been fine until my girlfriend plugged some headphones in. Now you can hear the sound through the headphones but not through the internal speakers when the headphones aren't plugged in. Tried uninstalling the sound driver then it picked up the driver but still the same. I've got an Acer Aspire 5610z with Vista. Does anyone know where I can download a decent sound card from? I've tried google but to no joy. When I click on the speaker icon in the bottom right it seems as though the laptop thinks the headphones are still plugged in even though they're not.

  mrwoowoo 23:18 12 Jul 2008

When you right click on the speaker icon,you should get the option to tick speakers or headphones.Perhaps by clicking on the sound manager option or similar.

  ambra4 01:58 13 Jul 2008

Plug in and out the headphone jack or a same size jack a few times and see if the sound return as the

headphone socket switches of the speakers and connect the headphone, when you disconnect the

jack the socket reconnect the speakers one of the connection in the socket is not making properly

  DannyChiz 03:47 13 Jul 2008

I'm sure it's the driver. Under the speaker icon there's only the headphones, no speakers. There was before. How do I roll back the hard drive?

  ambra4 04:36 13 Jul 2008

You mean a system restore?

Start – Accessories – System Tools – System Restore – Select Restore My Computer to an earlier

Time – Next

Click on the date that you want to restore to

  ronalddonald 07:13 13 Jul 2008

have realtech installed. On thetask bar there may be a red icon for it, click o that and play around with control this could esolve the issue.

The only thing is i use xp homne, personal chocie so cant no for sure if it applies on your os

  DannyChiz 12:47 13 Jul 2008

Will the drivers be fixed if I reformat as I was going to reformat anyway?

  DannyChiz 13:06 13 Jul 2008

I've just downloaded the Acer drivers which file out of the ones below do I run?

click here

  DannyChiz 13:42 13 Jul 2008

I just rolled back the hard drive to a week ago when the sound was working but it hasn't fixed it. When I right click the volume in the bottom right then select playback devices under the playback tab there's only headphones & no speakers. Anyone know how to fix it?

  ronalddonald 14:36 13 Jul 2008

if you system retore then safe all personal files onto a pen drive this is very important.

I tke it that the drivers would be in the acer disc a bit like toshiba that install evrything all in one go. Once you reformat get rid of software that you dont use free stuff from acer from add remove software in control panel.

  mrwoowoo 15:39 13 Jul 2008

In control panel>system>device manager,expand the sound,video etc tab and right click on realtek or whatever the onboard sound is and choose update or rollback driver.

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