Sound doesn't work

  SoundlessMan 17:52 04 Mar 2012

I know this is a common problem, but I'm not getting the right answers. Something is amiss.

I had a computer which had sound. Then the sound stopped working. I don't have speakers, the sound comes through the monitor.

I then got a new computer at some point but used the same monitor. No sound. So I figured the monitor? I checked the drivers and clicked update. Still no sound. Volume is up but no sound. So I got another monitor and guess what... no sound. This is two computers with two different monitors and no sound. What the hell am I doing wrong? Anyone at all?

  Woolwell 18:31 04 Mar 2012

First to ask the obvious have you connected a cable for the sound between the monitor and the computer? This isn't the same cable as for the video.

  SoundlessMan 18:33 04 Mar 2012

All cables are in. I should mention that headphones also do not work on this new computer, whereas on the old one at least headphones did work.

  Woolwell 18:40 04 Mar 2012


Are you saying that you have never had sound from this new computer? How old is it? Did you ask the supplier?

  SoundlessMan 18:49 04 Mar 2012

no ive never had sound :( its not new and its awful vista

ok ok i found this

( Download and install the driver for your sound card Your sound card is missing a driver.

Click to download the driver from the C-Media website

Download and extract the driver files

Click Save or Save as, and then save the file to your Desktop. If you can’t choose where to save the file, you’ll need to find it and copy it to your Desktop. When you download files, most web browsers save them to the Downloads folder on your computer.

To extract the contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder you saved to the Desktop, click Extract All or Extract Here, and then follow the instructions.

Double-click the extracted folder to view its contents.

Note If the folder contains a readme file, release notes or installation instructions, we recommend you read that information before starting the installation.

Install the driver

To start the installation, double-click the install file. This file will be identified as either an Application or a Windows Installer Package file in the Type column to the right of the file name.

Follow the steps in the installation wizard. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Additional information

The model name of your sound card is CMI8738. )

so... after getting it to admit there is a problem I have installed what it says. extracted the files and the tried to set it up.

It asks me if I'm sure. I say yes. Then it says "! Don't support this platform" and that's it. Nothing. :(

  Woolwell 18:55 04 Mar 2012

Are you sure that the card is CMI8738. How did you find that? What does device manager show?

  Woolwell 18:56 04 Mar 2012

Did you download the driver from here - cmedia downloads?

  SoundlessMan 18:59 04 Mar 2012

Hmm :/ It's what it said when it said I was missing the driver and give me a link.

Device Manager doesn't say anything of the sort under monitor is says Generic PnP Monitor and under sound it says C-Media PCI Audio Device.

  SoundlessMan 19:01 04 Mar 2012

the link it gives me goes to this

  Woolwell 19:04 04 Mar 2012

What make and model pc?

  SoundlessMan 19:07 04 Mar 2012

Emachines I have no idea how to find out the rest. It's 232gb Hd. lol. I don't know >.<

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