Sound distortion - MusicMatch JukeboxPlus

  Mr. Chips 08:49 12 Apr 2004

Can anyone tell me why the first 10 seconds or so of music played is normally distorted .... but then goes on OK to the end of the track.
It happens on each new track!

Most odd!

  Mr. Chips 08:53 12 Apr 2004

By the way, it also happens using MediaRack.

  SEASHANTY 14:50 12 Apr 2004

Just using the free version of MMJB v8.0 over the past 6 months or so. Haven't bothered with the upgrade. It is on now and working fine - as it always does. Maybe a problem with your sound card.

  Mr. Chips 17:28 12 Apr 2004


You may be right about the sound card, but why would it work OK after the first 10 seconds of each track!

  SEASHANTY 11:13 13 Apr 2004

Well that problem has me stumped. However on my LG
widesceen TV whenever I change channels the sound
drops in volume and it takes about 8 seconds or so to recover to the volume level I had on the previous
channel. This is prob also due to the soundcard and the TV was only purchased in December. Can't be bothered sorting it out but it is annoying. You haven't got something like fade in and out enabled I
presume? You could try removal and reinstall of MMJ but I am not sure if that would help. Why not contact MMJ by email and ask them for info on the prob if you are running the paid for version. BUT as
you state it is also happening with other progs it must be the sound card. If it was mine I would substitute the soundcard for one of the spares I have as a check. Not an option if you do not have a spare but a basic s.c. is only around a tenner.

  Mr. Chips 11:23 13 Apr 2004

Thks SeaShanty.

Some good ideas there.
I don't have a fade in/ out, and it is actually distortion. .... almost 'clicky' and running slow, perhaps, . ... horrible anyway.

I have an integral sound card.

I have since found that it is a problem with only some CD's Others seem to be OK.

So could it be an impompatibity between some CDs and my DVD re-Writer?


  SEASHANTY 16:51 13 Apr 2004

Do you not have another CDROM drive besides the
DVD-RW? Nothing so good as substitution for eliminating sources of conflict. Maybe the DVD laser
used for the CD playback is slightly out of alignment - in which case I suppose a replacement
would be called for.

  SEASHANTY 16:59 13 Apr 2004

You could also install JetAudio basic V.6 which is
another free audio player same as MMJ and try that out. If the problem persists in that then it narrows
it down a little to the CD drive and/or o/b sound.
click here

  Mr. Chips 17:58 13 Apr 2004


Thanks for persevering with this one.

The strange thing is that after 10 seconds the track stabilises and is ok.
Then the second track starts with distortion and that goes away again, after 10 seconds.

Am I correct in thinking that the DVD just moves from cylinder to cylinder (like on a hard drive) so where the track starts is of no consequence to it, surely?

Its almost like it can't cope with the inter-track silence. It has to get itself sorted out again before providing good sound.

Most strange.

  SEASHANTY 15:37 14 Apr 2004

There is more to this CD audio business than meets the eye. Check this Canadian website section 5 STORAGE click here
and also these websites which give more info on how
CD digital audio is formed
click here

click here
click here
. Distortion can be caused by digital clipping at the start of the CD track. It all sounds pretty technical and prob something than can not be easily fixed. I should obtain a new CDRW drive for audio cd's and stop using the DVD rewriter. Possibly an external drive if you do not have a spare drive bay.

  Mr. Chips 16:06 14 Apr 2004


I shall take your advice.

I have no spare bay but will invest in an external drive from a spare firewaire or USB port, if they can be purchased.

Thanks very much for all your assistance.


Mr. Chips.

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