Sound Device Not Sticking

  dogbreath1 12:21 30 Mar 2008

Occasionally and spontaneously, on launching Windows Media Player (WMP) I get the message 'sound device not connected' or words to that effect.

I can use WMP one morning, leave the PC for a while, then try to use WMP sometime later and the offending message may (or may not) be there.

The sound device is a Xitel Hi-Fi Link. It accesses digital audio files on the HDD, converts to an analogue signal and feeds the result to my hi-fi. It also sends all system sounds to my hi-fi.

On receiving the error message and checking in Device Manager, the Xitel is listed and it's status is shown as 'this device is working normally'.

At the moment, the only way I can then use WMP is to uninstall the Xitel, unplug it, then reconnect. My XP sees the 'new device' and installs it only for it to go missing at a later time.

Any ideas to prevent the disappearance would be welcome.



  howard64 18:00 30 Mar 2008

look to see if any of your devices are set to be switched off to save power - this could be doing it.

  dogbreath1 19:13 30 Mar 2008

Thanks for the response, but the only power save options I am aware of relate to monitor, hard drives and system.

I can't trace any reference to power save options specifically for the Xitel Hi-Fi Link.

Currently, my Power settings are all set to 'never'.

  howard64 19:56 30 Mar 2008

look at things like your network connection strange things affect other bits in pcs

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