Sound like a cracked record on PC

  Flopper 19:53 09 Sep 2007

I am setting up a PC for a friend to use and all is OK except the sound.
When booting up the Windows sound scheme plays perfectly but when playing anything 'external', ie, a CD or a movie or a piece of music copied onto the hard drive the playback sounds like a cracked record, jerky and misfiring.
I have reinstalled the onboard Intel sound card driver a few times and tried different drivers but to no avail.
Any suggestions.
The PC is a basic Celeron 1.3GHZ with onboard sound and video.

  jakimo 20:04 09 Sep 2007

Have you tried a different cd player-mobo cable,or fit a new sound card if theres a spare pci slot(Remember to disable the integral sound device in the bios)

  irishrapter 20:06 09 Sep 2007

Check in the sound configuration settings that there is not any special effects turned on.

  skidzy 20:07 09 Sep 2007

Can you post the motherboard details and we can check the audio driver for you if you wish.

What are you playing the music through,WMP/VLC etc

Try VLC click here
Also you may need some audio codecs due to broken or missing codecs,try the codec pack click here assuming XP.

  Flopper 21:40 09 Sep 2007

I have tested further and playing music in both VLC and WMP (9) it is always jerky but when playing a DVD movie the dialogue is spot on but the music is jerky.

  Flopper 21:41 09 Sep 2007

Also it is running Windows 2000.

  skidzy 21:54 09 Sep 2007

Have you ran the codec pack ? it is compatible with 2000.

  Flopper 21:59 09 Sep 2007

I installed the Klite codec pack.

  Stuartli 22:09 09 Sep 2007

From Device Manager>CD/DVD drives>Properties>Properties tab>have you Enabled Use Digital Mode with this drive (or similar wording)?

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