Sound card and speakers advice please

  charlton200 18:12 08 Aug 2004

I am just about to order a new mesh.

I could upgrade from the onboard 5.1 surround sound 6 channel audio.
Creative sound blaster audigy 2 zs £35 extra.

Is this worth doing please.


The speakers are creative 5.1 surround.

Should I upgrade to creative labs I-trigue 2.1- 3300
Extra £10

I like the idea of not so many feature but would it sound better.

Thanks for any help, your advice is much appreciated.

  carver 22:05 08 Aug 2004

Upgrade to the Audigy sound card it's well worth it for the better sound, as for the speakers if you have the room for them you will get more enjoyment out of the 5.1 speakers and they are decent speakers. If you play games them the Audigy card is definitely the one to go for.

  byfordr 09:04 09 Aug 2004

Would definately recommend the Audigy 2. I-trigues sound is pretty good, look ok as well. Would agree with the above if you have the room the 5.1 will blast tunes at you from all directions!


  jonnytub 09:17 09 Aug 2004

unless your into your music editing and mixing, etc stick with the onboard and extra money in your pocket, neither you or the monkey man is going to be able to tell the difference between the two as the onboard is 5.1 surround also. Unless your willing to part with more than you say, sound quality pounds and pennies are better spent on a decent set of speakers, set up and configured correctly as mentioned, in the room they are to be used in.

May i make a u turn and say that if you do play games, get the audigy, otherwise ....

  jonnytub 09:20 09 Aug 2004

are the i trigue speakers 2.1, how will you take advantage of the 5.1 surround on the new card? emulated???

  jonnytub 09:21 09 Aug 2004

Don't upgrade if you want to enjoy the full benfits of 5.1 sound, seems silly to pay an extra tenner to essentially downgrade from 5.1 speakers to 2.1

  charlton200 13:32 09 Aug 2004

Thanks for your advise everyone.

What is the main diference between onboard sound card to the other one.

And are you able to change an onboard sound card if you have problems with it.

  Stuartli 13:46 09 Aug 2004

Onboard sound is usually a chipset incorporated into the motherboard and enabled or disabled via the Bios.

Some onboard sound chipsets are very good - I used the C-Media 8738 with 3D, surround sound and SPIDF features (the 9738 is even better apparently) very happily for four years with my IBM 2.1 speaker system.

Then I was given a SoundBlaster Live! but the difference wasn't all that obvious (the sound is a little more solid with the Creative) considering the C-Media can be acquired in PCI form for around £4-£6.

However, you can get the best sound card on the market but if you feed the signal into cheap, nasty speakers, then you will hear cheap, nasty sounds.

Get the best speakers you can such as Altec Lansing, Hardon Karmon or similar from outlets such as click here

These are genuine high quality hi-fi speaker manufacturers who have brought their expertise to the world of computer systems.

  charlton200 14:29 09 Aug 2004

For now, I am deciding what to get, the on board 5.1, or upgrade to creative soundblaster audigy.

And what speakers to have. The creative 5.1 or upgrade to the 2.1

Also if I get the on board one, if something goes wrong, or I want to upgrade it in the future will I be able to.


  jonnytub 15:05 09 Aug 2004

"what speakers to have?" upgrade from 5.1 to 2.1 is not an upgrade. it's a downgrade in terms of number of speakers. It may well be that the 2.1 setup is of a better quality but creative manufacture an excellent speaker and i don't believe that there will be any difference in sound quality (that's noticeable) at all.

By using the onboard sound as mentioned by stuartli you can get excellent sound reproduction. Very little difference in onboard and a pci card. If you shoould wish to upgrade the onboard for something better in the future then all you have to do is slot the new pci sound card into a spare slot and disable onboard audio through the bios. simple as that.

As mentioned before and reiterated by stuartli, if the speakers aren't up to the job then....

  charlton200 16:17 09 Aug 2004

Many thanks for your contributions.Much appreciated.

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