sound card question-what is "rear out" used for?

  frior-one 09:36 06 Nov 2003

on my sond card i have holes for the external desk top speakers, the sub-woofer box, the microphone, line-in and there is one labeled "rear out" what is this used for please.

  powerless 09:38 06 Nov 2003

Sound card you have is?

"rear out" the surrounds, maybe?

  hugh-265156 09:39 06 Nov 2003

for surround speakers.

typical 5.1 surround set up:

2x front left and right

1x center channel for dialogue

2x rear left and right for effects behind you

1x subwoofer for lfe.

  graham√ 09:39 06 Nov 2003


  hugh-265156 09:44 06 Nov 2003

click here see the pics for a rough idea

  frior-one 09:46 06 Nov 2003

thanks guys. that would explain it. i set up the pc with a tv out cable last night (svhs+audio) and plugged the audio jack into this rear out socket but got no sound on the tv. only when i unplugged the speakers and plugged the audion jack into there did i get the sound on the tv. so now to get sound on pc and tv at same time i will put a splitter cable in.
once again thanks for quick replys.
i will green tick in a while just in case someone wants to add something else.

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