sound card not detected after re-seat

  bamfiesler 12:08 21 Jan 2003
  bamfiesler 12:08 21 Jan 2003

SBLive! Value card; Windows can't detect it, and CD Setup says there's no SB card connected to the PC!!!! Any ideas?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:11 21 Jan 2003

Could try a different pci slot see if it detects it then also uninstall drivers and see if windows detects it.Did you earth yourself before reseating card ? long shot but could have done something with the static.

  bamfiesler 12:18 21 Jan 2003

Yeah, had my Grounding band on, but the system couldn't see it last night. I had sound - oddly - then, but now that I've taken it out, I can't get the system to see it at all...

  bamfiesler 12:20 21 Jan 2003

also, what's the correct way to find/update/unistall drivers??

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:25 21 Jan 2003

The drivers should be in add/remove in control panel,and when i do mine i just put cd in and it does it all for me.You could check it in the slot firmly and not at an angle.


  poiuyt 12:29 21 Jan 2003

I have the same card with the same problem, Strange aint it.

  bamfiesler 13:19 21 Jan 2003

Ok, card reseated, Still no detection; Installed using Windows database; Getting Audio again, but the system and the Blaster's CD Setup say there's no SB card! I'm about to give up! The card MUST be working: I can use Phone Tools, hear Games audio.....

  Tog 13:31 21 Jan 2003

Go into safemode and make sure it only shows one soundcard is fitted. If there is more than one, delete all of them before rebooting.

Go into BIOS and reset the ESCD

  bamfiesler 13:54 21 Jan 2003

In Device Manager, it states there may be some drivers missing. I can't even get them off the CD!! It says there's nothing relevant there! I should add, this system is a Gateway Bundle: could the drivers be somewhere else other than the Blaster CD? And how do I uninstall the thing when it doesn't seem to exist?

Thanx, TOG; will try, but what is ESCD?

  Tog 14:29 21 Jan 2003

ESCD holds a record of your PCI devices. When devices are replaced, the ESCD should be automatically updated but, depending on how good the BIOS manages it, it doesn't always delete the removed device settings. When you reset the ESCD it gets rebuilt on the next reboot.

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