Sound Card Failure/Error.

  Dearersteak 09:49 19 Dec 2003

Hi All.

i was given a set of 5.1 speaker a few weeks back, but was lacking a 5.1 sound card. SO i have since ordered a Creative Audigy LS sound card. When i first installed it, there were problems right from the word go. When ever I watched a DVD, or in the rare case of playing music, my machine would rather dramatically crash. The screen went black for a fraction of a second, and then I got a blue screen (Xp) and a big long error message in white text, but it was gone within a fraction of a second and was unable to read it. The computer then rebooted its self. It kept doing the same thing at the point every time i tried it. I was using PowerDVD, but also tried RealOne Player, but got the same result.

I then fiddled with the settings, and managed to get it to play the DVD without crashing, but the sound was extremely disported and suttery and sloppy and would still crash within a few minutes.

Even games are affected by the failure. Anything to do with audio seemed able to educe a crash.
A friend subjected to me, that it might be a windows driver that was playing up, and recommended a re-install of Xp. When i did so, it went rather horribly wrong, (won't go into detail) and so I ended up doing a clean installation of Xp.

Once I reinstalled SP1 along with power DVD and the software that came worth my sound card, I found to my delight that my sound card seemed to be working perfectly. The sound was fault less. i had almost a whole day without any problems. I was finale able to play games, listen to music and watch DVD's in full 5.1 sound.

BUT... yesterday, i started watching another film, and half way though, I tried to change one of the settings. It was at this point, it crashed like it did before. And as a result, it has now fallen back into the same pattern before the re-install. But this time I was determined to find the source of the problem. But I need a little help. I disabled the Xp auto shut down feature (when something fails). It wasn’t hard getting the computer to crash again. And so was finally about to get the details from the error message.

The first line basically stated that windows had detected a failure, and had shutdown. The next line read...


After that, there is a long bit in the middle basically saying that if I have installed new hardware, I should disable it, look for new drivers (of which I can't find any on creative web site) and all the normal stuff about safe mode and so forth.

then on the last few lines was this information.

Technical information ***STOP: 0x000000D1 (0xFD99D3C0,0x000000006,0xF6E4EC06) ***P17.sys - Address F6E4EC06 base at F6E4D000, datastamp 3f2f14e4

Does this mean anything to anyone? and what should be my next course of attack? I really would like to be able to get this card working and find the problem rather than having to send it back or anything like that.

Thanks for reading the above, i know its not short, and am sure its full of spelling mistakes.

  alcudia 09:54 19 Dec 2003

Dodgy driver. If the soundcard driver is signed for XP it's unlikely to be this that is the cause.
The prpbable cause is whatever p17.sys is. You need to find out if you can.

Have you installed anything else lately like disc utilities, av or backup programs?

  alcudia 09:59 19 Dec 2003

p17.sys is something to do with Audigy LS, so it looks like your card or it's driver are to blame. I couldn't find out anything else. Suggest you check any relevant site for updated drivers.

  Dearersteak 10:13 19 Dec 2003

i've check creatives support site, and there are NO drivers whats so ever avablible for the Audigy LS sound card. And as your said, i'm sure that the drivers were all signed by microsoft.

Ok... Just ran a scan on my hard drives, and found a file called P17. It is loctacted in C:\WINDOWS\stsem32\drivers and is about 636KB

  [email protected]@m 10:27 19 Dec 2003

If it's any help, I don't have a file P17, so it's possibly been installed with the driver.

  [email protected] 10:57 19 Dec 2003

found on the creative site is a help desk where i FOUND THAT IF YOU INSTALL CREATIVE SOUND CARD TOO CLOSE TO THE agp CARD you may have trouble with interference between the 2 & will cause crashes if not corrected
I too am looking for a cure but in my case I do not have sound any more so my option will be to try a different sound card

  gold 47 11:14 19 Dec 2003

I know this is an outside chance but did you uninstall your old drivers and after that did you do a search for anything remaining of your old card sounds like a conflict.

  Dearersteak 11:18 19 Dec 2003


OK... Well, my mother board only has 3 PCI slots, all of which are now in use. My sound card is in the 2nd pci bank, in between my USB 2.0 card and a 10/100 network card. If I was to switch my network card and sound card over, is it as simply as that? or am I going to have to change any settings or reinstall anything along the lines of software and drivers and so forth?

Also, although I do have an 8xAGP, I’m not in fact using it as yet. I'm still using onboard graphics up till such a time where my bank balances said otherwise. :P

gold 47

Again, I didn’t have a sound card, and was using onboard sound. I have now disabled my 5.1 card and am currently using the onboard sound again until the 5.1 problem is fixed. So I don’t think that there could be a conflict there between the two, could their?

  alcudia 11:37 19 Dec 2003

Did you disable the onboard sound before installing the new card?

  Dearersteak 12:02 19 Dec 2003

no... left it enabled. they did'nt seem to mind one another when it was working.

  alcudia 12:13 19 Dec 2003

Could have been a clash of drivers. Try disabling it and having another go, or do as [email protected]@m suggested and move the p17.sys file somewhere else temporarily and see what happens.

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