Sound card confilict - annoying!!

  CutNpaste 18:12 24 Apr 2006

Hi everyone,
i recently re-installed xp and like usual installed my hardware drivers. With my sound card (Creative Audigy) - i installed the drivers direct from their auto update website and when i realised that it looked nothing like my previous creative mixer, i uninstalled it and installed the drivers and softwares from the CD.

Since then my computer resets whenever i make use of my sound card.
The error is as follows:

'The error was likely caused by:

Ensoniq Sound Card Driver (E10KX2K.SYS)'

It error report gives a link to creatives website. It wants me to upgrade the software to another software and when i install it - it wont let me because i do not have the hardware its looking for.

I have also disabled the onboard soundcard.

Please hellllppppppp!!!!!

  sunny staines 18:16 24 Apr 2006

I would goto device manager, delete all sound drivers. Reboot then reinstall the driver from the Audigy cd after that goto creatives auto update.

  CutNpaste 18:20 24 Apr 2006

i done that and it doesnt get rid of that 'Ensoniq Sound Card Driver '.

plzz helllppp!!!

  phono 21:53 24 Apr 2006

Are you sure you disabled the onboard sound properly? There may be a jumper on the mobo to move or more commonly a setting in the BIOS to disable onboard sound.

What make and model mobo do you have?

  CutNpaste 22:03 24 Apr 2006

asus p5p800

i did disable the audio and game port in the bios. And everytime uninstall and then install soundblaster audigy - i am prompted that anoter device is present and it may couse conflict.

i don know about the jumper setting but i had it untouched for 2 years without any problem.

cant think of anything else other than uninstalling it and installing the on board one.

  phono 22:18 24 Apr 2006

In that case I would suggest that a rogue registry entry is possibly/probably causing your problems.

I will try a bit more research and get back.

  phono 22:36 24 Apr 2006

Any help here click here ?

  phono 23:40 24 Apr 2006

Check here click here for a known issue with ASUS P5P800 mobos.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:52 24 Apr 2006

Creative caused this problem ,their advice is to go here and deselect device you do not want and then update the one you do want, seems like the autoupdate page but may be worth a go.
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 00:03 25 Apr 2006

Seems to happen to a few people
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 09:18 25 Apr 2006

If your problem still persists then a solution might be:
1.0 Uninstall Audigy drivers in Device manager.
2.0 Remove Audigy card from computer.
3.0 Re enable Ensonique in BIOS
4.0 Uninstall Ensonique drivers in Device Manager
5.0 Run the Creative Cleansweep software
having previously downloaded it.
6.0 Reboot into BIOS and disable Ensonique.
7.0 Load Audigy drivers and utilities.
8.0 Replace Audigy Soundcard which
hopefully will be installed by Windows.
9.0 If it looks as though it has been installed
go to Creative Autoupdate.
Bit longwinded but just might solve your problem.

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