Sound Card Advice

  Commander Straker 10:34 13 May 2009

I have a Vista PC using On Board sound and would like to invest in a separate PCI Sound Card but I only need 2.1 due to not having room for surround sound speakers. I do like my music so would like decent quality - does anyone have any suggestions ?

  Graphicool1 11:05 13 May 2009
  Stuartli 11:08 13 May 2009

You would require both a good quality sound card AND excellent speakers; however, a computer is not really the best method of "decent quality" sound.

Depending on your on-board sound chipset, you might be better off acquiring a reasonable pair of speakers to use with it.

I'm a keen hi-fi enthusiast, but find my Realtek on-board sound chipset and a modest pair of Logitech speakers are more than adequate (mainly due to the system's fans' noise).

  Commander Straker 11:59 13 May 2009

Thanks guys for responding so quickly. Already have Cambridge Audio sound system, which ought to be good quality, just have the feeling that I could do better from the sound. Don't worry, if I want Hi-Fi sound I'll use my proper Hi-Fi rather than a PC !

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