sound buffering of music on internet

  Daviva 11:40 04 Jun 2003

When i try to play music on the internet it plays so far then pauses as if a buffer is full, then continues. Is it possible to avoid these breaks?
I have 256meg.mem,1.ghz athlone and 30 gb drive,and an on board sound card.

  xtreme_computing 11:52 04 Jun 2003

it doesnt really matter how fast your computer is, but it all depends on how fast of an internet connection you have. if you have a dialup connection i.e 56k modem then this is quite normal to have the music buffering, but if you have a fast connection you shouldn't get any buffering , fast as in adsl/broadband

it is possible to avoid these breaks but it means saving the music from the internet to the computer so you can play it back later, i don't know the legal issue on this so do it at your own risk, but a good program to achieve this and it's free is afs recorder which you can download from pcworld website click here

  soy 11:58 04 Jun 2003

Yep, it depends on your connection. When you play music over the net, your playing it while your downloading it at the same time. If your connection can't download it fast enough to keep up with your player, it'll stop until theres enough to play and carry on bit by bit.

  hugh-265156 13:39 04 Jun 2003

even on broadband this happens.i find setting buffer before playback in media player and realplayer to about 30secs or so stops this from happening.

  Daviva 22:08 05 Jun 2003

Thanks to all who responded to my query. I must say they were very prompt and helpful.
thanks again,

  Djohn 22:47 05 Jun 2003

Sorry to intrude on your thread, but similar problem.

huggyg71, I'm going B/B in three weeks, do you mean that video clips/music, (from BBCi site) etc. will still have this same buffer problem? j.

  hugh-265156 23:05 05 Jun 2003

does not happen usually Djohn,although it can if its at a busy time of day.

setting the buffer time to 30 secs will make sure you dont have any pauses.

if your using realone player also tick "enable instant playback" then it will only buffer if required before playing.

  Djohn 23:09 05 Jun 2003

huggyg71, exchange is upgrading on the 9th. of july, and I like to watch video clips from BBC and to listen to internet radio while surfing. j.

  professor 23:14 05 Jun 2003

internet connection has a very small bearing on internet music if you use media player(i assume you do) then go to settings and change the buffer from the default(5seconds) to 30seconds and that "beak" in music will dissappear.


  hugh-265156 23:32 05 Jun 2003

surf,chat,stream,download all at the same time`ll love it!

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