sound answer to sound problem please

  bumpkin 18:40 11 Oct 2014

I have TV/Monitor and 2 PCs connected to Creative external sound system. Sound from TV via the Creative is good all works well. Sound from either of the PCs works but not from the RH speaker although the bass unit still works and the LH one. Checked settings, balance etc on both PCs. Swapped cables around but no difference. Both PCs feed into the TV input and the out connector then goes to the external speakers. I am thinking that it is something to do with the TV/monitor but I failed to sort it so any advice most welcome.

  bumpkin 20:19 11 Oct 2014

Plenty of sound from the working speaker but distorts on high volume which it does not if direct from TV.

  bumpkin 15:52 12 Oct 2014

Hi, sorry for the delay had other things to do today. Win7 on one pc XP pro on the other. TV is a Bush LED22982FHD. All connected with standard 3.5mm audio plugs and cables.

  bumpkin 20:57 12 Oct 2014


  bumpkin 12:40 13 Oct 2014

All the equipment is working OK, it has to be the way I have it connected up. The TV works in TV mode and plays through the external amp. If I use it as a monitor to say watch a DVD then it malfunctions unless I unplug the TV output cable and then its fine. Means I have to re-connect the cable to use it as a TV again. No real hardship but I am sure there must be a better way.

  bumpkin 13:36 13 Oct 2014

Pity I can't do a circuit diagram here but I will try to explain. The 2 PCs are connected to a changeover switch PC1 or PC2 or off. Cable from there goes to the input on the TV/Monitor then from the TV/monitor output to the amp.

  bumpkin 15:01 13 Oct 2014

I have tried without the switch and tried different cables. My opinion is that the amp won't function properly with more than one thing connected at a time even if there is no input from one of them. I think the solution may be a 3 input 1 output switch. Looked on Ebay and plenty available but hideous things with phono connectors so adapters needed and I am trying to keep the number of connections to a minimum. A short MxFE lead from the back of the TV and just unplug the cable would be neater and simple but it is not me:-)

  bumpkin 15:04 13 Oct 2014

Missed out something. Instead of using the input socket on the TV I could use a splitter.

  bumpkin 18:14 13 Oct 2014

Beta, good point but it does not work properly using a splitter either. I have now found a suitable switch 3 separate inputs and 1 out to the amp. 3 buttons on the front to select the desired device, I think that will sort it out. Thanks to yourself and Woolwell for you suggestions.

  bumpkin 22:06 13 Oct 2014

Beta, yes it is, now I am curious as to why you ask.

  bumpkin 09:29 14 Oct 2014

Good morning. It is Creative Inspire T3100.

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