sound again ?

  firebirdb 19:07 02 Dec 2013

I have lost all sounds from my PC anyone help ?

  Woolwell 22:16 02 Dec 2013

OS? Check that sound is not muted. Check all cables and if powered speakers that power is on. PC connected to TV or something else?

  firebirdb 23:45 02 Dec 2013

sound at speaker was switched off vigorously could this have shorted the sound card system ?

  Woolwell 13:04 03 Dec 2013

"switched off vigorously" - Depends by what actually happened. Were the cables pulled forcibly out of the pc or off the speaker. Best guess is the switching off vigorously has damaged the speakers. Can you try another set?

  firebirdb 11:43 04 Dec 2013

by vigorously, I mean the speaker switch which is a push in on, pop out off, was flipped so to speak, too hard.....this has happened to me once before ?

hard to describe sorry, dont get any sound through my PC without, speakers switched on, ie PC s own sound.

  Woolwell 12:04 04 Dec 2013

Possibly damaged speakers.

  wee eddie 13:31 04 Dec 2013

I assume:

That the Speakers are plugged into the Mains and that the Mains are switched on, but, when you depress the Speaker's Power Switch, they do not turn on. Is that correct?

That the Speaker's Power Switch is a Button.

Worth a try: Depress the Button and try to rotate it, or waggle it from side to side.

Unfortunately for you, the profit margin on speakers is so low that repair is likely to be uneconomic unless you do it yourself.

Now maybe the time to upgrade!

  bumpkin 14:31 04 Dec 2013

dont get any sound through my PC without, speakers switched on, ie PC s own sound.

Do you get any sound from your integral speakers assuming you have them, what sort of PC, laptop?

  firebirdb 17:22 04 Dec 2013

sorted problem now, many thanks everyone, I am buying new speakers

  firebirdb 17:27 06 Dec 2013

don't get sound through my intregal speakers on tower PC, either, warning from PC says not plugged in.... never were ?

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