Sorting a table in word

  Abel 07:39 13 Dec 2010

I have a table in a word document which has 4 columns. Its purpose is to have a list of individuals names sorted in alphabetical order. The surname is in column 1 followed by forename in column 2. Columns 3 and 4 are intended to be a continuation of columns 1 and 2, however, try as I might, I cannot get the whole table to sort alphabetically. Your help please.


  Batch 08:30 13 Dec 2010

Don't know what you have tried, but I find the easiest way to sort by a single column is to select that column and go to Table, Sort and it all just follows on from there.

  Abel 09:16 13 Dec 2010

Thanks Batch! Doesn't work I'm afraid.


  bremner 09:21 13 Dec 2010

I have just tried it with a 4 column table and it worked fine.

Highlight column 1 and then do as batch said.

  VoG II 09:26 13 Dec 2010

I think that you would have to append columns 3 and 4 to columns 1 and 2. Sort columns 1 and 2, then cut the second half of the sorted list and paste into column 3.

  Abel 09:37 13 Dec 2010

Hi Bremner! I need to sort the forenames in column 2 with their surnames in column 1 so surely I need to highlight both columns to do this? Then there are further surnames in column 3 to sort with their forenames in column 4. Now, I can sort columns 1 and 2 perfectly but as soon as I try the same thing with columns 3 and 4 columns 1 and 2 loose their alphabetic order and 3 and 4 sort alphabetically.


  Abel 09:39 13 Dec 2010

Hello VoG™! Sorry to be thick but I dont follow. Would you elucidate please?


  VoG II 09:45 13 Dec 2010

Cut the names from columns 3 and 4 and paste them at the bottom of column 1.

Select columns 1 and 2 and sort.

Cut the bottom half of the sorted list and paste into column 3.

Delete the empty rows from the bottom of the table.

  Abel 10:39 13 Dec 2010

Thanks VoG™! To use a Dolittleism, I've got it, by George I've got it.

Thanks again.


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