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  Rabbit's Foot 09:41 26 Jan 2004

Thankyou to all for helping me back to my slide shows.
Another problem. I have put my 2000 plus pictures onto "My Pictures" labelling each one with the year taken & the Number in that year e.g. 1881-1, 1981-2,etc: 1882-1, 1882-2 etc. I hoped that "My Pictures" would then sort them out for me.
It has done so partially but not fully.
Can anyone, please suggest what I can do the sort them fully in year order? One idea is to have a folder for each year but I want to avoid that if possible.

  Jester2K 09:55 26 Jan 2004

In what way has it not fully sorted them?

  bigcheese 10:07 26 Jan 2004

To sort any files in date order you need to use the USA approach when naming the file by putting the date in YYMMDD-? format, e.g., 040126-1 is todays date, picture 1.

The computer sorts it in the correct numerical order.

  scotty 10:19 26 Jan 2004

I am guessing that the sorting becomes a problem when your index number goes from a single digit to two digits? i.e. 1981-14 comes before 1981-2

If this is the problem, I can only sugggest renaming (2000 times!!!) so the format is 1981-001 etc.

  Gemma 11:01 26 Jan 2004

For a file name, the sorting precedence is by character left to right. Numerics are sorted lower than alphabetics. The whole file name is used including the dot and extension.

Sorting on the Date Modified column is conditioned by the localisation used i.e. Windows can handle the DMY and MDY.

If you wish to NAME by date, then you need a rule like YYYY-nnnn.jpg for example, where YYYY is always of the form 2004 and nnnn is always like 0034 i.e. 4 digit year hyphen 4 digit serial.

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