Sorting My Postings

  Pesala 18:18 26 Jun 2004

I've not seen any mention of this before, and only recently noticed it myself. No doubt Djohn will tell me it has always been possible. (>_ )

If you click on the headers on My Postings, you can sort your postings by Subject, Forum, or Date.

Maybe useful to someone.

  VoG II 18:21 26 Jun 2004

knew that either. Thanks Pesala.

  pj123 18:26 26 Jun 2004

No, nor did I. Just tried it. Thanks

  powerless 19:39 26 Jun 2004

Well I knew it!! ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 26 Jun 2004

Super tip Imight be able to find things now.

  Pesala 20:23 26 Jun 2004

So you can have your posts in Web Design at the top, instead of the one's in Consumer Watch.

  VoG II 22:25 26 Jun 2004

Is there anything that Powerless doesn't know?

  jonnytub 22:30 26 Jun 2004

just a reminder for myself ;-)

  Djohn 23:11 26 Jun 2004

Sorry, I thought you all knew of this feature. :o(

  Pesala 16:58 19 Dec 2004

While you're sorting out your green ticks.

  Graham ® 17:17 19 Dec 2004

Now, if it would bring up all those not ticked...

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