Sorting desktop icons

  ch0pper 13:13 03 May 2004

Is there any way to have Windows XP sort my desktop icons into alphabetical order, from the top left of my screen and down and across?

Sorting desktop icons

  Lobsang 13:14 03 May 2004

right click sort desktop icons by name?

  ch0pper 13:20 03 May 2004

I've tried that and although it's brought all my icons together, I cannot for the life of me work out what, if any, order they've been laid out in.

  Lobsang 13:24 03 May 2004

do you mean the names of the icons in alphabetical order?

  powerless 13:26 03 May 2004

Why not move them yourself?

  ch0pper 13:39 03 May 2004

Cos I've got 83 of the little buggers and get more every week. It's a real pain to have to move them one by one just to squeeze a new on into order.

  powerless 13:46 03 May 2004


Are you putting them yourself? Or do they mysteriously appear?

On the desktop, right click, Arrange icons by, make sure "Auto Arrange" is unchecked.

  ch0pper 17:08 03 May 2004

I've done the Righ Click, Arrange thing, but it doesn't seem to be able to put them in
alphabeitcal order :(

They don't mysteriously appear or disappear. It's simply the number of programs or documents that I have ready for instant access.

  rawprawn 17:23 03 May 2004

Why don't you just have them in the programs menu, the difference between clicking an icon on the desktop and opening one via start/programs must be 1 or 2 seconds at the most. Keep only your important ones on the desktop.

  Graham ® 18:49 03 May 2004

Or you could create one or more folders and group together similar ones, or ones starting A to J, K to S, etc.

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