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sorting data in Excel

  hastelloy 08:35 27 Oct 2013

A friend of mine has a spreadsheet in which each record occupies 4 rows and has 2 columns of data followed by a column for each week of the year.

Is it possible to sort the data so that the top row of the 2nd column of each record is in alphabetical order? I have tried to get her to let me put everything in each record on 1 row but she doesn't like that.

  Picklefactory 22:09 31 Oct 2013

wee eddie

What Simsy has suggested is a really good idea, I think. The sort will be fine so long as the entire range of data is selected to be sorted, with the correct column being selected as the sort criteria. Depending on how many people are being tracked will define how labour intensive it is to set up initially, but it will certainly work.

Maybe to help with ensuring the entire range is sorted without missing anything, if you select any of the populated cells and press Ctrl+a , this will select the entire range, so long as all the cells are immediately adjacent, and then it's just a case of doing a custom sort of the whole by way of the new column. This won't work if you select an empty cell before Ctrl+a, as that will select the entire sheet, so you must click on a cell with data in it for that to function correctly.

  hastelloy 07:43 01 Nov 2013


I think I get what you're saying. I'll make a copy of the file and try it out on that when I get the chance (hopefully this morning) and post the result.

Wee Eddie

I need the entries in B1, B5, B9, B13 etc to be sorted alphabetically whilst keeping B1 to B4 together and B5 to B8 together etc.

I think I have an answer but if anybody can come up with a better one I'd be interested.

  hastelloy 15:52 01 Nov 2013

So Simsy's solution worked brilliantly. It's one of those solutions which is so simple you have to ask yourself why you didn't think of it yourself!

Having done that, I came across another problem I've had with Excel 2010 before. I don't seem to be able to hide just 1 column. If I highlight the column and click on hide, it hides everything on the sheet. Any ideas?

  wee eddie 20:52 01 Nov 2013

Good Luck

  lotvic 21:51 01 Nov 2013

I have Excel 2003 and it is the same, Hide/Unhide: when you have selected the column, do not use the Top Toolbar, Windows, Hide, as that will hide the whole sheet/workbook. Instead rightclick and choose hide from that and then only the selected column gets hidden. Same when using Unhide - select the two adjacent columns and use the unhide on the rightclick menu.

  hastelloy 10:06 02 Nov 2013

Thanks for that lotvic

Thanks for all suggestions/comments. I'll mark this as resolved now.

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