Sort names excel 2007

  tonyq 11:20 12 Nov 2012

Hi all, Is it possible to sort a list of names after a full stop using Excel 2007. e.g Mr A.Somebody I would like to sort the list of names using the surname,without having to place the surname in a different column, hope this makes sense!.

  hastelloy 13:39 12 Nov 2012

It probably is possible though I'm afraid I don't know how. I suspect it would be simpler to have Somebody Mr A to sort.

  TonyV 13:58 12 Nov 2012


Or a separate column for the surname then sort that column by ascending order.


  TonyV 14:00 12 Nov 2012


I know you say you would rather not use a separate column, but I can't see how you can sort by using part of a cells contents.


  TonyV 14:01 12 Nov 2012

In too much of a rush, the above two missives should be addressed to tonyq.


  tonyq 18:16 12 Nov 2012

Thank you all for your replies. Woolwell,I did as you suggested, but having got the names in a new column,I am unable to sort them using "Sort and Filter A-Z"

  lotvic 18:51 12 Nov 2012

Warning, do NOT have any blank columns or hidden columns or it gets messed up. I speak from experience with mailing list last Dec - on that list they've now all got the wrong phone numbers :( I had to start again with a backup copy.

  lotvic 18:54 12 Nov 2012

Also should have asked, do your columns have Headings? (or does A1 contain a person - Mr A. Somebody)

  tonyq 19:47 12 Nov 2012

Update. When I select all of the Names in column "B" then "Sort and Filter A-Z" nothing happened as stated in my last posting.If I select the first name only in column "B"then "Sort and Filter A-Z" they change to alphabetical order,not only do they change in column "B" but the contents of column "A" change as well. Which is what I needed. Does this sound correct?. I thought I would need to select all the names that I needed to change to alphabetical order.

  tonyq 20:59 12 Nov 2012

Thank you all for your help/advice.

  wee eddie 21:46 12 Nov 2012

Make a copy of it and play about with the Copy.

I strongly recommend 3 Columns. Surname, First name, Title.

Just make 3 new Columns and Copy and Paste the parts across. When all is done, try Sorting on the Surname Column. It's a cinch. If it works, you can delete the original column if you wish

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