sorry not PC,s ...texting...short cuts

  Morpheus© 08:52 14 Oct 2003

hi..because my grandaughters think i am some sort of old fogey,which i guess i am, i want to text them in their own way, but i dont know how, i know that "before" lands up as B4, and thats it..

anyone know a site which will give me a start.


  MAJ 08:59 14 Oct 2003

I don't know how the kids do it, Morpheus©, they're so fast on those little 'phones. Anyway, hope this helps. click here

  mark e 09:02 14 Oct 2003

try spelling phonically and use numbers where possible ok m8. I will get my daughter to do a list when she gets home from school.

  Morpheus© 09:15 14 Oct 2003

trouble is, even a simple text takes me ages, last night i wrote,

"thanks Lauren for your new phone number, love grandad xx" ...........that took me about 10 minutes... :-((

thank you both, and thanks for the link..

  hugh-265156 09:41 14 Oct 2003

if you have predictive text or T9 as its sometimes called on your mobile turn it on,makes it much faster to type.

trick is not to look at the screen while your typing the words(it will be jibberish)but turn out ok.

have a look click here for example.

  mark e 20:50 14 Oct 2003

These are as she thought of them not in order.
L8A=Later, M8=Mate, TLK=Talk, WLK=Walk, U=You, Wanna=Wwant to, R=Are, PPL=People, GR8= Great,
Wat= What, UR=you're/your, DU=Do You, Coz/Cos=Because, 2Wards=Towards, 2Day=Today, 2Moro=Tommorow, C=See, DNT=Didn't, Hrd=Hard,Mist=Missed, Gotta=Got to, 2=to, Xpectin=Expecting, da=The, sed=said, cred=credit, tru=true, aint=Havent, rite=Write, thru=Through, str8=Straight, bac=Back, plz=Please, H8=Hate, fings=things, mayb=Maybe

Thats all she could think of.


  Morpheus© 21:25 14 Oct 2003

thank her for me will you, and thank you.

i shall now go and impress the grandkids.


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