Sorry but the connection problem continues

  Petesilver 16:41 07 Apr 2010

I recently posted this problem which I thought was ok but its is happening again
"I have an Orange Livebox and recently I have been having problems in that the wireless adaptor will loses the connection to the Livebox and I have to reboot to get it back". Orange have now said it must be a problem with my PC and I need to get someone to look at it but before I do can anyone suggest what might be wrong they said its to do with my card or something !!
I also have a laptop and that works wirelessly with no problem.

  User-1229748 17:35 07 Apr 2010

go to device manager and network adapters and right click on your wireless card and select properties.then at power management untick allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

  Petesilver 17:16 08 Apr 2010

Thanks but have tried that but no different I am afraid

  mgmcc 22:05 08 Apr 2010

Try deleting the existing "profile" and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again when a new profile will be created and saved. click here Make sure the Livebox is put into "pairing mode" when connecting again.

  robin_x 22:36 08 Apr 2010

Dunno if I have seen your previous posts or chipped in. I may have done.

Can you post a link to previous answers?

Intermittent could be noise or interference.

Try inSSIDer and scan for the neighbours w'less connections.

Set your channel away from their peaks.

click here

  Petesilver 19:25 09 Apr 2010

Hi mgmcc
as I am using a third party software I can't seem to find the profile (I have tried to connect using windows but can't get that to work either).....
so where would I find it ??

  Petesilver 19:27 09 Apr 2010

Hello robinofloxley
as you can see by the above reply inSSIDer does not work on third party software, however it does show just one other and its quality is very low so I don't think its interference I give an example tonight I had a connection for about five minutes then lost it it took 3 reboots to get it back ??
it puzzles me !!!!
I had a look but there was nothing different on there than whats here so far

  mgmcc 17:17 10 Apr 2010

>>> as I am using a third party software I can't seem to find the profile

Every make of network adapter has its own wireless networking software, so I can't give specific instructions on where to find and delete the existing profile. However, when running the software, there should be an option to show the network(s) that it has saved in order to connect automatically in future.

What make of Wireless Network Adapter are you using?

  Forum Editor 18:25 10 Apr 2010

to continue with the original thread, rather than start a completely new one. People will have no idea what advice has been offered already, as robinofloxley's post illustrates.

  Petesilver 18:43 11 Apr 2010

HI mgmcc

The network adaptor is INVENTEL

  User-1229748 19:11 11 Apr 2010

when you try to connect to your livebox how many bars is it showing eg 1 2 3 4 or 5 ?i mean the bars bottom right of your pc.

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