Sorry another Acronis true image question

  patsyanne 20:21 12 Aug 2005

After losing everything on my computer due to a virus and spent a week putting every thing back on i have now got Acronis true image i have clicked on something and made 7 floppy discs then clicked on "manage acronis secure zone " it did that after i switched the computer off and back on, is that all i have to do now ? am i safe if my computer crashes or do i have to put all my system files on a cd/rw or dvd? when i switch computer on it does come up first with acronis , many thanks

  mattyc_92 21:12 12 Aug 2005

I have created the bootable CD instead of the floppy disks. But they do the same thing (on the CD is faster at loading)

I don't use the Secure Zone as I have created a partition on my drive and backup to that every other day (anything up to 3 times a week, but on average once a week). Once a month I backup onto external media (DVD-RWs) and thats about it.

Acronis has saved me many times, and I recommend it to everyone I know.

So, yes.... This will protect you as long as you backup regualy (you can scedual it to backup as well)

  Ancient Learner 21:31 12 Aug 2005

I am not sure, as I don't what the 'secure zone' is. Perhaps someone may explain it!

The 7 floppy disks, that you now have, are boot disks to enable you to start off your PC when all else fails, and allow you to find the Acronis images that you have prepared before. These are, as said above, best kept on another partition on your Hard Drive, and it is these that will enable a recovery to take place

I have Acronis Images scheduled weekly onto my second HD within my PC, a twice monthly image on an external Hard Drive, and on DVD+RWs, so hopefully, when disaster strikes, as surely it will, I will have a source that works. I also use Nero to schedule auto back ups of my working files, including those in 'My Documents'.

Good Luck!

  patsyanne 08:08 13 Aug 2005

Thanks very much mattyc_92,Ancient Learner, i will have to get some dvd-rw .
"Secure zone creates a special hidden system partion on a disc for storing disk <partion>images " i have nero so when i get the discs i back up on those. cheers .

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