VoG II 00:00 03 Dec 2003

I posted some totally wrong information click here

Brain confused between USER.DAT and INDEX.DAT

I don't think that I have posted misleading instructions before and will endeavour not to do so again. It was a mistake with no malice intended.

Thanks to Jester 2K II for setting the record straight.

  Djohn 00:07 03 Dec 2003

I think it goes without saying VoG, you would never post misleading information intentionally. We are all human and make the odd mistake now and then, made a few myself. :o(

Takes a good man to apologise though and that's what you are.

Best regards friend. j.

  bvw in bristol 00:11 03 Dec 2003

5000 (ish) problems rectified by you and one slip, wish I could say that :o)

Good man VoG, proud to be your friend.

  cycoze 00:14 03 Dec 2003

I think its very easy sometimes to read something and get it a little confused , and most people have probably done it (honest people).

There was no harm done VoG and i reckon you have sent plenty of folks away with a smile of satisfaction that their problems have been cured ! there would be no Forum without dedicated helpers like your self.

Mind you i was gutted when i sent someone to a site with Manual removal instructions for something and they bought the software , they did come back and said they didnt fancy doing the manual route and thought the software was the easy option.

  DieSse 00:20 03 Dec 2003

They do say the man who never made a mistake never made anything.

As true as it ever was.

  smegs 01:22 03 Dec 2003

Don't worry about it VOG.

  Audeal 01:52 03 Dec 2003

You are, after all just a Very Ordenary Guy. I know, we have met.

  powerless 02:01 03 Dec 2003

Very Old Git - shhhhh

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