sordit 20:40 29 Oct 2004

Hi Everybody
I have just built a computer from scratch. The DVD-CD COMBO drive which I have fitted is playing the video but no sound. I was getting sound when I first installed windows XP. After having some difficulty I reinstalled xp but cannot get sound when playing a dvd. I have tried a new speaker but to no avail. Does one thinks I should insert a new sound card. Thanks for a reply. Felix.

  sharid 21:57 29 Oct 2004

I have the same problem as you, so if you sort it please let me know. what i would suggest is that you use the drivers that came with the hardware and not window xp as there crap. You will have to uninstall the hardware and drivers and then reinsall. i have have tried everything myself, all the trouble shooting and speaking to techs. but nothing, and i have an onboard card. The only way i can open my PC is with a HAMMER as it does not have screws. i feel screwed, a brand new pile of junk is what i have. so please dont forget little old me when you get your PC sorted.

  kev.Ifty 22:00 29 Oct 2004

Just to get the ball rolling........ I assume you are getting sounds other than from your DVD,ie system sounds. Have you checked the volume controls? Have you got a headphone socket in your DVD, into which you could plug a set of headphones,to see if your drive is producing sound that way?

Well it's a bump anyway;~)


  sordit 11:39 30 Oct 2004

Thank yoiu folks I shall try what you say. I do hope I succeed.

  pj123 14:01 30 Oct 2004

This may seem obvious but have you fitted the sound cable from the DVD to the sound input on your motherboard/sound card?

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