Sorage for photograpghs needed

  mahalo 12:58 06 Nov 2005

I am needing to store my photos away from my PC, I have them on cds but would like to be able to store them, sort them and view them all together, any idea would be most welcome.
Thank you

  PaulB2005 13:07 06 Nov 2005

Store them on DVDs or an external hard drive?

  mahalo 13:30 06 Nov 2005

Someone has told me about a "pen drive", is there such a thing ?

  Kenneth-266656 13:35 06 Nov 2005

Assuming you are running XP I think the external hard drive is the best solution. Buy a USB2 that will plug and play. It will come up in explorer as a temporary drive and you can drag and drop to it. When you are not using it you can unplug it to save wear and tear.

  jack 15:39 06 Nov 2005

External hard drive is the best route at the moment -burned CD's have a longevity problem in some cases they tend to fade after a year or so.
An uxternal Hard Drive in a Caddy is even batter- this enables you to have a numger of units with only one connection to the computer
for example i have 2 caddies and 5 drives, 2 active
and 3 stored away ready for use.

A caddy is an externa housing which connects to PC via USB/Firewire and allows for bars drives to be plugged in and out.
for sigt of caddies try
click here
click here

  Kate B 16:30 06 Nov 2005

If you've got web space, store pictures there. I use the excellent Gallery software to create and manage online albums. If you upload fullsize images to your albums, you've got a backup on your webspace.

It's a tiny bit fiddly to set up and install but once it's up and running it's a joy to use.
click here

  amonra 19:06 06 Nov 2005

Up load them on Gmail. They give you at least 2GB of space.

  woodchip 19:31 06 Nov 2005

I use External Drive on a Win98 comp and two XP comps

  mahalo 20:27 06 Nov 2005

Must check my spelling before posting !!. Thank you all for your answers, but being a novice I think I may be confused by hard drives and caddies, are they separates items or different items, are they used together ?. Or should I just try and live with what I've got, but I would dearly love to sort my photos. Cheers

  woodchip 20:33 06 Nov 2005

Caddie you fit a normal drive in it. and can connect by USB or firewire. If you have old comp get USB it will work on USB 1.1 but slower. But it will work. you can buy a ready built dearer or as I did get a caddie and fit your own cheaper. Well I am a cheap skate

  GaT7 21:00 06 Nov 2005

There are unlimited photo storage sites, with photot albums/organisers like click here & click here, to name just a couple. G

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