Sony Vaio Laptop - Remove pre-installed programmes

  [DELETED] 07:02 10 Mar 2006

I would like to remove Sony pre-installed programmes that I never use - such as:

Sonic Stage
Mastering Studio
etc etc

and especially the screen saver which endlessly goes through screen after screen of stuff that I don't want to see.
Could anyoe with a similar machine advise me on what is safe to remove please?

  Minkey1 09:33 10 Mar 2006

We've a Sony desktop and two Vaio laptops so I know what you mean ! The screensaver is easily solved - Start/Control Panel/Display/Screen Saver, turn off or select another option.

The pre-installed progs can be removed via Control Panel/Add-Remove programs. However, a word of caution. I used to prefer the third party apps I was familiar with e.g. Easy CD etc but found CD burning seemed to work better with Sony's versions. Sonic Stage is a music management solution (their version of iTunes if you like) and is necessary if you have a Sony mp3 player. If not, delete it.

I'd now be wary of removing anything related to your day to day activities (or future ones) as the pre-installed apps do seem to be optimised to the hardware. If they're not running at start up you've no overhead leaving them on, and can always remove shortcuts if you're looking for a "cleaner" desktop. In other words, they're still there, but not "in your face".

If they've no relevance to your PC use, you could remove them one by one and see how it goes ? I presume you have the Vaio restore discs ? If so you can always go back.

Hope this helps ?


  [DELETED] 10:19 10 Mar 2006

Thanks Mike - that is helpful. It will be wonderful to get rid of the screensaver - and Sonic Stage, so I'll stick with that for the moment. I was horrified to see just how much space the Sony stuff takes up!

I do have the restore discs so might venture into more removals later.


  Minkey1 12:49 10 Mar 2006

Hi Joan

I know. In their defence they do try and provide a comprehensive suite of programs but you do (somewhere) pay for it all, whether in money &/or system overhead.

Despite this, if you don't play a lot with photos, video, and music, you could probably "loose" a lot of it without detriment so long as you've got the Vaio restore discs.

However, if your laptop has sufficient hard drive space and RAM to work with the programs you want at a reasonable pace, you may not gain much in real performance terms by removing them, and as I mentioned, I'd be careful with anything to do with CD/DVD playing/burning as the hardware is optimised for their software.

If you're concerned about system performance there's more likely to be other issues e.g. disc fragmentation, temp file clutter etc and free downloads such as CCleaner click here can help keep your system optimised.


  [DELETED] 16:58 12 Mar 2006

Yes, I do have CC Cleaner. Thanks for your help Mike. I have actually uninstalled the screensavers which is a great relief!


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