Sony Vaio Laptop DVD Rewriter

  tooter 10:52 09 Apr 2005

I am asking this question on behalf of a colleague at work. He has a Sony Vaio laptop (sorry I do not know the exact model), which is 1 year and cost approx £1200. The computer is completely standard he has not changed any hardware or software that was originally preloaded when he purchased it.
It has not got any rewriting software on it that is not standard with XP Home. The problem he is having is with the DVD Rewriter. He needed to copy some work, as the laptop was a Sony he purchased a pack of Sony blank DVD ReWritable discs.
When he tried to drag and drop the files on to the disc he had a message saying the disc was full. The labelling on box of blank DVDs is (SONY 1 x - 4 x compatible DVD+RW) what does all this mean? Should they work on his machine? The DVDs I purchase have just got DVD+RW on them
He got in touch with Sony they said to use 1 x 1 x compatible discs, why? Does he need rewriting software i.e. Nero? Or does he just need to format the discs, if so can he do this without loading rewriting software like Nero? Thanks for any help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 09 Apr 2005

Check - my computer - right click DVD - select properties - recording tab - enable CD recording on this drive is ticked.

  john-232317 14:25 09 Apr 2005

Have a read here click here

My burner in PC does not like DVD+ it will only burn to DVD-

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