SONY Vaio Laptop Blank Screen Issue

  HLEE 14:15 14 Feb 2010

Hi all

I’ve been experiencing problems with my Sony Vaio Laptop off and on for about 3 months (the laptop is 18 months old).

Basically the screen goes blank for no reason when I’m on the internet, listening to music, working. The backlight is still on (I can adjust the brightness of the screen using shortcuts) and the laptop still runs (music still plays etc) but I can’t see the screen.

I have found by hitting the space bar repeatedly can sometimes make the screen come back to life, but not always but I don’t know why this is happening.

I contacted Sony and they said “From what you describe it would appear that there could be an issue with a connection with the display. It may be necessary to arrange the collection for repair of the VAIO... To confirm if this is a hardware fault with the VAIO we would recommend that a full system recovery is carried out on the VAIO.” which basically means it goes back to factory settings, which is something I want to avoid as I haven’t backed up any songs, work, photos (I’m buying an external hard drive this week).

Has anyone else come across this issue / has any insight how to overcome it?? I’d be grateful for any advice.

I’m not very technical so go slow with me!

Thanks in advance.

  Graphicool1 14:54 14 Feb 2010

from what Sony are saying it sounds like this may be a known build fault or loose wire problem. If this is the case returning the laptop to them would seem to be your only option.

It always pays to back-up your work regularly, it's a good habit to get in to. You never know what might be waiting around the corner!?

  sunnystaines 09:51 15 Feb 2010

next time you get a brief spell working by using the space bar make that backup.

  HLEE 19:58 15 Feb 2010

okay so I have good news, my laptop allowed me to make a backup of my pics, most of my songs and work. I have most definitely learnt my lesson.

Question is I don't want to start doing a full recovery, just in case it blanks out on me. So I think the best option is to take it in a my local local repair place and let them have a look / do the recovery if need be.

Do you agree?

Many thanks for your time.

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