Sony Vaio factory settings restored

  laptopdunce 01:53 21 Sep 2013

I have just done the Sony recovery to factory settings on my Sony Vaio laptop, It has saved all my docs& photos OK, I am in the process of re-installing programmes and making the settings as they used to be. when I first log on there is a sony screen which I dont like, I have set the desktop background to a photo I used before, but how do I alter the start up page, it doesnt seem to be in the windows start up menu, I think it might be a Sony Vaio screen setting, I did alter it the first time I set up the laptop but I cant remember how I did it, I changed it the first time to a blue/green "wavy" type of background, so my question is: how do I alter the start up screen on the Sony vaio laptop? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  onthelimit1 07:51 21 Sep 2013

Assuming W8 - guide here

  laptopdunce 00:00 22 Sep 2013

thanks but my laptop is using windows7 home edition, what should i do now? thanks LAPTLPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 02:08 22 Sep 2013

I have looked at that link you sent and then searched for Windows 7, it gives instruction for how to set a new lockscreen via reg-edit in start up menu, this process seems AMAZINGLY COMPLICATED and far too complex for a beginner, I am sure I changed this start up lock screen some other way originally, as I had a really clear bright blue windows start up page instead of that horrible grey/red/purple factory set start up screen, is there not another way to achieve this change? thanks LAPTOPDUCNE

  laptopdunce 10:17 22 Sep 2013

thanks lazarus2nd, but what does "start orb" mean? is that going straight into the start menu and looking for the control panel? Also I have a strange little problem (not sure whether to ask here or start another thread??) - I have I.E. and Google chrome browsers installed on this laptop, when I restored it, it came up with a window asking which browser to choose so I installed the I.E. and Google chrome BUT the I.E. is not showing as that blue icon on the desktop or the menu bar but as a kind of square icon with a blue top bar and three coloured dots on it, the google chrome icon is showing OK, I can open up i.e. browser OK but what can be wrong here?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 10:22 22 Sep 2013

ps lAZARUS2ND - its NOT the desktop background I am trying to change, I have done that, with a photo of my choice, it is the startup screen that comes on when I first log on, it comes up as a light blue screen with tiny red and purple square in it, the contrast on it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to see the little box for the password, and making it almost invisible to see where to move the cursor to start putting in the password, this is the page that I want to alter, I have had answers from others about how to do this but it seems a CRAZY COMPEX business with reg-edit, far too complicated for me, I did alter this start up screen once before when the laptop was new and it was NO WAY this red-edit method, but I cant remember how it was done. Is this understandable? do you know which screen I mean? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  martd7 12:35 22 Sep 2013

This utility changes the logon screen for you

click here

  Jollyjohn 12:42 22 Sep 2013

Since you are the only user, remove the password. Then the laptop will boot straight to your desktop.

  laptopdunce 16:52 22 Sep 2013

Hi Jollyjohn! glad to hear from you again, I DID actually change the log on screen once before but I cant remember how I did it, I really need to have the log on password on this machine as I use it in WiFi hotspots and am nervous of anyone logging on to it, (I left it in a public place once by accident, no problem getting it back but worrying!!) anyway, what do you think of this that Mart7 has posted ( I am TERRIFIED of downloading anything after I screwed up the laptop with the sweetpacks rubbish I downloaded with no knowledge of it) the strange thing is that I DID manage to change the log on screen once before when this laptop was new, it has this AWFUL factory set screen that is pale grey/blue with red/green/purple tiny square on it but the contrast is TERRIBLE as the passwordbox is practically invisible and so difficult to point the cursor to type in password, so should I try that link Mart7 sent?? is it something I will be able to manage, being a total dunce!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - PS how do I turn off the spelling correction thing when writing it corrects things I don't want correcting, like using capitals in the middle of words, I know it looks wrong to the programme but I need to put capitals in some words. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE PPS will have to ask you about doing this "snapshot" restore point when I have this laptop just the way I want it.

  bumpkin 17:43 22 Sep 2013

I have just dowloaded and tested the software from Mark7s link, no nasties with it it takes a few minutes only and so simple to use. I would suggest you try that next, if everything still out of focus I would think it is a display problem.

  martd7 17:54 22 Sep 2013


laptopdunce,i never recommend any program to anyone that ive not used myself

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