Sony PSP and Wifi,

  wolfie3000 03:11 26 Feb 2008

OK heres what i want to do,
Its pretty simple, i want to be able to use my Sony PSP Wifi connection,

Basicly i have a pc and a Sony PSP and i want to be able to surf online with my PSP and connect my psp to my pc wirelessly.

SO what do i need to achieve this?

The cheaper the better really, preferably something from

I had the idea of using one of these Wifi dongle things plugged into my pc so i can connect my pc to the PSP.

As you probably have guessed i have no clue about such things and a link to what i need to buy on would be ideal.

  wolfie3000 11:22 26 Feb 2008


  orienne21 11:41 26 Feb 2008

You need a wireless router. What are you using to connect to the internet at the moment? If you have a wireless router already, it may be a configuration issue.
My psp connected to the router fairly easily. You just input the details of your network into the psp when you first connect.

  wolfie3000 11:45 26 Feb 2008

Ok well i dont have a wireless router, i use a wired modem, so what do i need to buy from to get this to work?

  orienne21 12:07 26 Feb 2008

Buffalo WHR-G54S-1 125Mbps Wireless Broadband Router with 4 port switch from Amazon. £28 or £25 used.
Don't have any personal knowledge about this router but it seems to be the cheapest on Amazon. Maybe someone else can recommend something else.
By the way, surfing on line with the PSP is not that brilliant. A lot of web pages don't fit well in the psp browser.I can't read these forums on my PSP for example. The RSS feed is not bad and internet radio is pretty good if you have the latest PSP firmware update. You can listen to radio wirelessly.

  wolfie3000 12:19 26 Feb 2008

Ok well i dont have a good track record with routers lol,
SO if i buy that will i have all i need to be able to do what i want?

Also my psp firmware is up to date.

  orienne21 15:07 26 Feb 2008

click here

Above is a good link to help set up the PSP for internet access. Can't help with setting up Router but you could ask in the Networking forum.

A wireless router is all you need.

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