Sony Picture restore problem....

  sorefingers 20:44 16 Aug 2004

Having recently acquired A Sony Vaio PCG C1VE, I am trying to restore it to factory condition. The problem is the recovery CD that came with it has some confusing instructions.
Has anyone performed this operation?...if so, could you possibly give me some guidance as to the correct procedure.
Here is the instructions I have been given:
Put recovery in.
At A> prompt type d: enter
Select "ghost" then "disk" then "image"
Select "SONY.GHO" then enter
Press TAB to highlight OK then enter
Repeat on next "OK"
Proceed with restore...when finished highlight "YES" enter

Confusing or what!!

Thanks for any help

  stlucia 08:41 17 Aug 2004

The instructions you have are for a machine which doesn't already have windows loaded, and which will just show you the A:> (or perhaps C:>) prompt when it's switched on.

If Windows starts up when you switch on, you should put the recovery CD in and then search for a folder or file named "ghost", and take it from there.

Alternatively, you can go to the DOS prompt (command prompt) and when you see the flashing C:> on the screen, follow the instructions starting with "Type D: then Enter".

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