Sony or Samsung?

  v1asco 18:06 04 Sep 2008

Its time for me to update my Laptop. I have had 2 Sony Ultra-portables in the past and been very pleased with them. My latest has lasted 4 years but is now to slow so I have been window shopping.

I confess to being a Sony junkie, and had settled on either the VGN-SR 19VN click here or even stretching to the z11 click here as the weight is important.

However, I have come across this Samsung Q310, click here which is far cheaper.

Warranties aside, am I missing something? I have the budget to buy something reasonably future proof (£1400) and need to run Office 2007, as far as gaming my reflexes are not up to much, Doom3 is about it for me. It will be used extensively for watching DVDs and some photo-editing. For this I have found the Sony to be superb.

There are no reviews I can find on the Samsung.

All comments gratefully received.


  Marko797 18:19 04 Sep 2008

If I were u (& I'm not obviously) then I would stick with Sony, as u've had good experience of their machines, it appears. It's a brand u seem to trust, and if it were me, then there would be no choice.

Samsung may well have comparable machines, but you will inevitably be comparing it to the
Sony(s), and after you've bought it, you might not like what u see and regret it.

As for your requirements, you have already stated that 'For this I have found the Sony to be superb'.

  v1asco 18:23 04 Sep 2008

Thanks. Mainly thinking about the price and your second paragraph is the reason for this thread!

I am hoping there is someone on this excellent site thats owns the Samsung, I am very curious to have an opinion of it.

  v1asco 11:05 18 Sep 2008

in the end.

Very happy with, ticks all my boxes and the new style keyboard is a joy to use.

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