Sony NWA-A3000 20GB MP3 Walkman

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Hello All

I would like to purchase the new Sony NWA 3000 20gb Walkman from amazon uk but after reading reviews from the website i have a few questions i would like answering if you dont mind,

Amazon says it does "Data conversion from MP3 / WMA / WAV to ATRAC3 or ATRAC3plus" so what does this mean? Will it play my mp3 and wma files stright away when i put them on the player and uncompres them during playback or will i have to convert my 5000 odd songs before putting them onto the player which will take a very long time in my view?

Secondly does anyone own one of these players so they can tell me what they are really like if i was going to go running at the gym with it on would it work? and be jogproff.

Finally if you dont mind honestly what is the software like for it "CONNECT" is it really that bad.

Many Thanks


PS. I know there may be some biast views in here about 20gb mp3 players!


  Klappers 11:49 09 Dec 2005

In answer to your first question, yes it should play your mp3's. All you have to do is import the tracks into connect and then transfer them onto your player. You won't need to convert them. Takes about 5 secs to import an album (assuming it's already on your hard drive) and about 8 seconds to transfer it to the player.

What is it like? Well personally i think the 6GB version is better because it's smaller, but that depends on how many tracks you want on it.I think it will be fine while jogging, but you may need a case because there's no clip or anything on the back. It has a very good battery life and is quite simple to use. There's also an artist link button. If, for example, you are listening to a pop song you can press this button and it will find all your other popsongs by any artist and bring them up in a list.

The software. I think it's great. It's simple to use and very fast. I can't think why people say it's bad. You can also access the connect store through it and download songs.
Hope this helps.

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