sony NW-HD3 again !

  patsyanne 10:53 20 Jul 2005

Sorry but this mp3 player is still crashing my computer when ever i put a cd in the drive even when i am not using Sonic the computer crashes and up comes a screen that says un install any new software Sonic i have twice> install again and run the driver verifer against any new or suspect drivers ,try enabling special pool, any one now what to do apart from throw the MP3 player in the bin ? I have to use the Sonic stage to load the songs onto the MP3. I using windows xp.Many thanks

  PsiFox 11:43 20 Jul 2005

Does this help

click here

Click on the link at the bottom

Urgent Message Regarding Problems with SonicStage / OpenMG caused by Microsoft Windows Security Update Program MS04-032.

  patsyanne 11:55 20 Jul 2005

Thanks very much PsiFox i jst downloading the patch i get the mp3 out of the bin now ! i wont tick this cause i see if it works ok ,thanks

  patsyanne 12:06 20 Jul 2005

No its no good it says ,set up has detected that the service pack version of this system is newer than the update you are applying , so back in the bin with it .

  patsyanne 12:22 20 Jul 2005

I have now downloade a driver from the Sonic web page thinking great this the answer but put cd in drive crashed again,hopeless !

  patsyanne 13:45 20 Jul 2005

Ok just called Sony really helpfull she told me to un install sonic and then see if my drives are working but i dont think they will be cause she thinks its nothing to do with sonic but i never had this problem before i loaded sonic .iI do it later as had enough of it .

  PsiFox 15:08 20 Jul 2005

May be some corruption to the registry after you initially uninstalled the softeware.

  patsyanne 15:38 20 Jul 2005

I uninstalled sonic and i can now play cd again so i called sony up again and he thinks it must be something wrong with my computer i ahve a problem with direct x on the music link to it i cant hear anything but it doesnt take any notice that i dont hear anything .
I uninstalled sonic the first time cause of this problem he told me to install it on someone else computer to see what happens but i dont want to make another computer crash,. i install Sonic again tomorrow had enough of it but they are helpful at Sony. thanks for your help

  PsiFox 15:50 20 Jul 2005

click start then run type dxdiag and click ok.

Run the tests on each tab and note the results.

Also compare the version of dx you are running to the version sony say you should have. Their tech support should have advisedthis if they believe it to be a dx problem

  patsyanne 09:18 21 Jul 2005

I have now installed Sonicstage again and for now its working ok.I have itunes on my computer and that is so good for getting music of a cd no problems with that but i cant use that to transfer to Sonicstage . I tick the box now , thanks ,PsiFox

  patsyanne 13:26 22 Jul 2005

Computer has crashed again ! In the bin with this mp3 player .

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