SONY headphones working with all devices but PC

  Aleksandr Oakley 20:36 02 Jan 2017


Recently, I was able to get my hands on a SONY MDR-V150 and they were very good. I used them on my PC all the time and they worked perfectly until suddenly, they just stopped. On my laptop and phone, they work fine but for some reason, not on my PC.

I opened up Sound to try and find the problem but there seems to be nothing wrong with the headphones, in fact, when I pressed Test, a noise came out! However, whenever I try to watch anything on the internet... nothing! I have no idea what's going! Any help is much appreciated!

  Archonar 21:27 02 Jan 2017

Go into sound - playback devices, then click configure in the bottom left once you've selected the headphones from the list. Change the channels from 5.1/7.1 to stereo and see if that works. This fixed a similar issue that someone posted a while back.

  Aleksandr Oakley 09:47 03 Jan 2017

When I click on the headphones,configure is greyed out.

  Archonar 09:59 03 Jan 2017

Are they enabled / plugged in? Make sure you have them plugged in (and possible set as the default device) and that should allow you to configure them. If that doesn't work can you send a screenshot of the "Playback Devices" screen?

  wee eddie 10:10 03 Jan 2017

As the headphone logo is greyed out, there is no connection there, consider the possibility that these are not plugged into the correct socket on the laptop or that the laptop requires a different type of plug

  Aleksandr Oakley 10:35 03 Jan 2017

So, it says it's plugged in and it's made default but still, I can't press configure!

  wee eddie 13:12 03 Jan 2017

If the headphones you have, have an "in-line" Microphone then they require a different type of socket to a PC's normal Mic Socket as their Jack Plug has more sections than a normal Stereo Headphone Jack.

Laptop Jack Sockets are designed to accommodate a combined Headphone/Mic Plug

  Archonar 13:14 03 Jan 2017

Any chance you could send a screenshot of the "playback devices" screen?

  Aleksandr Oakley 17:36 03 Jan 2017

Maybe, but my screenshots are playing up (don't worry about that) and it will be low quality because I will most likely take it on my phone. Nonetheless, I will still try!

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