sony handycam dvd-r

  sinbad1 22:21 19 Jun 2005

there are some dvd-r's that run with this camera
and some that don't.
sony 8cm disc's are expensive so i'm looking for
an alternative media.

i did buy some budget ones that supposed to work with camcorders ;however try as i may i couldn't get them to work.

there are lots of 8cm dvd-r on the web all claiming to work with camcorders, dont want to waste any more money buying incompatible disc's

my model number is DCR-DVD91E

anyone found an alternative to sony's expensive disc's

and does the speed of the disc make any difference


  sinbad1 23:26 19 Jun 2005


  hkvic 23:52 19 Jun 2005

I use 'LOGIK' DVD-RW's from Curry's on my 201E, I then copy the footage to a regular DVD-RW, for later editing etc. - format the LOGIK and re-use.

  sinbad1 09:02 20 Jun 2005


Thanks for your response, most of the time thats what i do , using a dvd-rw then copy to normal disc.

Problem is if i am away from home using my camcorder, i am not able to do this until i return home by which time i would have accumulated several dvd-r disc's.

Would be inerested in what other camcord users
use as an alternative to the Sony brand.

  sinbad1 14:07 21 Jun 2005


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