Sony Handycam DVD camcorde Imagemixer 1.5 software

  AylesburyGal 14:19 24 Jan 2010

I've had to get a new laptop (old one completely unusable) which operates with Windows 7. Problem is the Imagemixer software is not compatible with W7 and the Pixela website (who produce the software) is less than helpful and offers no solution. Any idea how I can get stuff I've recorded from the camera on to the laptop?

  Les28 15:00 24 Jan 2010

Can you put the disk from the camera into the pc's dvd rom drawer, hold the shift key down while doing that so it doesn't try and self play. Then open the to view the disks contents, probably a video ts folder, you could try dragging a copy of the video ts folder to the desktop, I'm guessing the larger sized VOB files in the video ts folder will be your video.
If so you could use another video editing program to edit the vob files.

I'm not sure if Windows Live Moviemaker for 7 accepts input of VOB files, most other video editing software does and maybe from the disk itself would save even the dragging of video ts folder to desktop if so.

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However if you have the video ts folder on the desktop and open it any large VOB files you click on should play in whatever dvd playing software you have on your pc.

  Les28 16:42 24 Jan 2010

I meant to add, you may need to finalize your disks in the camera, for them to be seen in Windows. The camera manual should explain this.

  Les28 11:53 25 Jan 2010

Windows Live Moviemaker seems a great improvment on the XP version of Movie Maker, allowing input of VOB for editing.
Don't know whether WLM will access the vob files from inside their video ts folder from the dvd disk in the pc's dvd rom drawer, or whether the vob video files have to have been previously copied from the disk and the copies put into a folder on the pc's hard drive for WLM to access them from the hard drive that way.

In this example of the contents inside the average video_ts folder, it would be the files VTS_01_1.VOB to VTS_01_8.VOB that would need to be copied to a folder on the hard drive, obviously the number of these large vob video files will vary depending on how long a video has been filmed in the first place.

You would only need to do this copying to hard drive folder if WLM can't access them from the video_ts folder on the dvd disk.

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  AylesburyGal 16:10 25 Jan 2010

I've tried loading the disc and it doesn't play at all (with or without the shift key held down). I've also tried other editing software and I just can't get the laptop and camera to talk to each other

  Les28 16:24 25 Jan 2010

What is the model number of the camera?

  eedcam 17:51 25 Jan 2010

Does it play on a standalone player If not did you finalise it.Is it | Video dvd that you have finalised or did you make a VR dvd? the latter wont be seen by the pc

  brindly 17:55 25 Jan 2010

Try Sony, I had a similar problem when I bought a laptop with Vista on it and had been useing all my cameras with XP. Nothing was backward compatable, sony told me to download a program which worked with my camera and VISTA. I just wish I had bought one with XP instead but they don't advertise about the software. Good luck

  Woolwell 18:10 25 Jan 2010

Further to eedcam I had enormous problems with a VR disc. Strangely a DVD writer read it but not a DVD player.

  Les28 18:11 25 Jan 2010

Can you play a regular dvd video on your pc?

  AylesburyGal 14:41 26 Jan 2010

Thannks everyone for your help - I'll go work on this.

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