Sony Ericsson T68i - Advice

  Pilch from 13:46 05 Nov 2003

Good phone or not?

What are the features like?

Any major problems with it either?

Cheers guy's if you could help me!

  IanR2 13:50 05 Nov 2003

i've had this phone for about 11mnths now & not had any problems..check out click here for more info

  porci 14:16 05 Nov 2003

I personally havent had any experience but a friend of mine has had his for 5 months and has it has been in for repairs 4 times already!

  Djohn 14:32 05 Nov 2003

I've had this phone for almost a year now, no problems at all. the T68 was troublesome but the T68i is excellent. I get 14 days stand-by and up to 6.5 hours talk time. It's one of very few phones that you can charge the battery, then go away for a week without taking your charger with you. :o)

  Djohn 15:16 05 Nov 2003

A point to remember, the T68i has excellent clarity and volume in use but a weak RF signal. I use Vodafone as my air-time provider, so no problems with drop-out. I tried my wifes "Sim card" in the phone, "T mobile" and did have a few problems of dropped calls.

The calls were excellent in quality while holding the signal, but dropped very easy, even just moving the hand-set slightly would cause this in a weak area. Hope this extra info. is of some help. j.

  ProfessorX 15:25 05 Nov 2003

sony t68 has a long standby time & talking time,
if don't wish to go for any latest digital camera phones, this will be a brilliant choice.

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