Sony ericsson p800 mobile phone

  Padawan 21:18 21 Dec 2003

Can someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I`m having trouble connecting my mobile to my pc. It says in the manual that once i plug the usb cable in the pc should do the rest. My plug and play is working fine. running xp pro by the way. I woukd be grateful for some help. I`ve been trying it all day

  Jester2K 21:19 21 Dec 2003

So what does / doesn't happen then?

  Padawan 21:23 21 Dec 2003

It keeps saying that there is no phone connected. I`ve re-installed the software with and without it connected but it just dont get recognised

  Jester2K 21:23 21 Dec 2003

Is the phone switched on?

  VoG II 21:24 21 Dec 2003

Did you install the software before you plugged your phone in?

  Padawan 21:26 21 Dec 2003

yes. It has to be in order to choose how i want the phone to connect. I dont have an irda port nor bluetooth so i can only use the base port which came with the phone.

  Padawan 21:27 21 Dec 2003

I have tried it both ways. ha. with it plugged in and not

  Jester2K 21:28 21 Dec 2003

So this is a cable connection. What port is it plugged into in the PC?

  Jester2K 21:29 21 Dec 2003

Oh and what software?

  VoG II 21:31 21 Dec 2003

With software for USB devices it is usually the case that you have to install the software before plugging in the device (phone in this case).

If you didn't do that, go into Control Panel, Add & Remove programs and remove the software. Then reinstall it without the phone and lead plugged into the USB port.

  Padawan 21:31 21 Dec 2003

the software is the pc suite which came with the phone. its connected in com port 5 via usb

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