Sony (dwu14a) DVD±RW Burner

  newswatcher 12:13 03 May 2004

I installed this (OEM) at weekend but finding probs trying to copy/drag files to it - error message says either it's full (fresh CD was being used) or not formatted (I tried packet formatting via Ce Quadrat software supplied for another drive which failed earlier) but still no good.
Another significant fault is while it appears to be "working", the screen flashes on and off between black and desktop.....
Wondering if setting drive as "slave" rather than single drive would work? It is coupled to same
broad cable as my CD reader.....
Grateful for any advice.

  radi8or 14:09 03 May 2004


First,your software,Ce Quadrat,if bundled with another drive may only work with original drive.

I think cd/rw should be set as master and your cd rom as slave ie: cd/rw end of cable connector and cd rom middle connector.

Hope this helps,at least it'll bump you up.

Regards Bob

  newswatcher 14:52 03 May 2004

Thanks Bob.
Will try it out.

  newswatcher 12:51 06 Jul 2004

Having now replaced my CDRW drive with the above, (see earlier postings from 03.05.04) I'm still struggling to use this OEM drive which I'd wanted to use with Pinnacle exterior box to transfer analogue video to DVDs to send to relatives.
At random, it seems, monitor screen goes black
then refreshes OK but this happens again and again - no discernable pattern to the error.
Tried to simply disconnect the Sony
drive, reboot, then close down and reconnect,
so that the system might recognise the new drive then. While it appears on the monitor, it's
listed as "unavailable" and any blank disk I
insert shows as "full"
Grateful for any advice.

  Sans le Sou 16:02 06 Jul 2004

Are you using XP, if so try disabling the built in burning software, IMAPI CD burning. Find it in administrative tools. The Sony is a Mount Rainier compatible drive, I do not know if your packet writing software would be upset by this. Has the pinnacle software got packet writing options.

  newswatcher 16:08 06 Jul 2004

No, Sans le Sou, I'm still using Win98SE and had no problem some months ago, using an internal SCSI CD writer and "normal" CDRom drive.

  Sans le Sou 16:08 06 Jul 2004

Come to think of it, what software are you using to burn CDs and DVDs.

  newswatcher 16:13 06 Jul 2004

Using Pinnacle Movie Box (external hardware) and the software that came with it. Managaing to capture the video ok, but unable to transfer it to DVD or make video CD - as it's quite new to me, haven't checked its packet writing option if any, but removed earlier Ce Quadrat packet writing, as warned in the Pinnacle manual it could interfere. Might try reinstalling it now though!

  newswatcher 16:16 06 Jul 2004

(think my latest reply to Sans le Sou did not send; here it is again)
Using the software that came with Pinnacle box
for DVD work and not yet sure if it has
packet writing option.
Also removed the earlier Ce Quadrat software, as warned in the Pinnacle manual, it could interfere with DVD writing....

  Sans le Sou 16:22 06 Jul 2004

Do not know anything about Pinnacle. I have Nero 6. Perhaps you could try other software, if you get the same effect then a look elsewhere is in order. Could be a duff drive.

  Sans le Sou 21:46 06 Jul 2004

Some writers are a bit particular when it comes to blank media. May be another avenue to explore. I have a Sony DRU 510 and use Verbatim data life plus without problems.(so far). Blooming irritating when you get these hangups, any way good luck with it, you may get more responses yet from others. Mine was a DWU 14A but I did a hacked firmware flash to convert it to a DRU510A, can now get retail model firmware updates from Sony. Flash worked like a charm.

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