Sony DVD RW DW-U18A OEM & Nero 6

  accord 08:24 18 Aug 2004

I an having trouble with burning DVDs using the above.

I used to have Easy CD Creator 5 but it didnt support the burning of DVDs so I upgraded to Nero 6.

The DVD RW is set up as slave, (should I set the DVD as master?) and looking under properties is shows thats its location is 0 (0) whereas my CDRW is shown as location 1 (1). Not sure if thats is correct.

I can open Nero and burn a data project and it advises that it is complete etc. When I come to read the DVD there is nothing showing on the disc.

Also, when I open up My Computer it shows the DVD drive as DVD RW drive when no disc is inserted but shows as CD Drive when a disc is in.

I am running WXP SP1, Nero 6,

As always, your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

  bremner 09:27 18 Aug 2004

Your set up would be best as follows

IDE Primary channel = Master Hard Drive

IDE Secondary channel = Master DVD RW - Slave CDRW

  Sans le Sou 09:27 18 Aug 2004

Do not worry about the My computer jargon as this is a combi drive and they display like that. Has the DVD actually been burnt, can you see the change in colour?

  Sans le Sou 09:37 18 Aug 2004

Just looked at my config, DVD 0(0) CDRW 1(1) so that seems ok, you could try swapping the drives around (and the jumpers)sometimes need to do this, used to be one of the mysteries of Win 98 as to why it only worked one way round and not the other.

  accord 09:38 18 Aug 2004

I currently have IDE primary channel = Master Hard Drive, Slave Hard Drive

IDE Secondary channel = Master CDRW, Slave DVDRW so I shall change it as per your instructions


  accord 09:47 18 Aug 2004

There doesnt seem to be any change in colour once written.


When I try to burn files to CDR using this drive, Nero informs me that it cannot burn to this type of disc and needs to be DVDR/RW.

This is the first time I have used used Nero, so am I doing anything wrong??

Thanks again for all your replies

  mgmcc 13:10 18 Aug 2004

<<When I try to burn files to CDR using this drive, Nero informs me that it cannot burn to this type of disc and needs to be DVDR/RW.>>

In the first box, when Nero's "Smart Start" application opens, there should be two little buttons in the top right corner - you need to select DVD or CD here for Nero to accept the appropriate disks.

  accord 16:12 18 Aug 2004


I checked the drives for jumper settings and they were set up as Master = DVDRW and Slave = CDRW

From this, I have just burnt mp3s and data to a DVD-R disc and all is well.

So..... to you all ...... Thanks very much for your assistance.

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