wobbler 12:31 05 Mar 2004

I have borrowed a Sony DVD RW that has ben written on a sony stand alone dvd writer. It has been recorded in VR format. Problem is I can only play this DVD on the Sony playey thro my TV or on my laptop . My other pc's and dvd player don't recognise it. As i wish to show others the content of the dvd this is proving impossible. I even tried to copy it using Nero, it copied OK, but tyhe copied DVD had the same problem - wouldn't play on other machines.

  wobbler 16:45 05 Mar 2004


  wobbler 22:31 05 Mar 2004


  cycoze 22:54 05 Mar 2004

Have a read of click here , Limitations for VR Format segment .

  JerryJay 22:55 05 Mar 2004

Maybe the disk produced is not the standard DVD disk, i.e. MPEG2 format.

(1) Can you see the content of DVD on other PC? If you cannot, then it is dvd compitability problem, DVD produced by some writers cannot be reader by some DVD rom.

(2) If you can see the content, but cannot play, then most be file format problem or you need some special codec.

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